X-ray detector for maximum efficiency in the energy range above 400keV – are 101dB worth the additional effort?

Felber, Norman; YXLON International GmbH; Germany

Felber, N.; YXLON International GmbH; Germany
Bavendiek, K.; YXLON International GmbH; Germany
Deresch, A.; YXLON International GmbH; Germany

ID: ECNDT-0077-2018
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Session: X-ray & CT modeling 2
Room: G3
Date: 2018-06-14
Time: 11:10 - 11:30

Digital X-ray technology represents a reliable, non-destructive quality control procedure for mainly safety-related intermediate and final products.

The main advantage of line detector arrays (LDAs) for higher X-ray energies is a reduction of the unwanted scatter radiation that is superimposed onto the useful information of the X-ray image. Due to combined beam hardening and scatter correction by software, digital detector array (DDA) images have come closer to traditional LDA images in the energy range above 400keV. For energies above 1MeV LDAs are still the first choice for most applications.
On the other hand, LDAs also stand to gain in quality from improved geometry, more efficient scintillators, low-noise electronics and improved calibration procedures. For larger objects the dynamic range is the most important factor and here LDAs can gain from the much higher efficiency of the scintillator and well-adapted electronics with more than 100dB dynamic range.

The presentation will show the results of a five years technology study at YXLON. Emissions from the X-ray source and the deposition of energy in the scintillator are studied using Monte Carlo simulations. In a second step the efficiency of the photodiodes and the noise of the electronics are considered, in order to evaluate the maximum possible dynamic range. Side effects like detector internal scatter radiation will be considered and physical reduction methods presented. Finally, images acquired with an LDA designed with use of the simulation know-how and all collected experiences will be shown and compared with DDA images, proving that with the new technology, there is yet again a large number of applications where LDAs are the first choice of detector for X-ray energies above 400keV.