Call for papers

Dear all,
the deadline for submission of full paper and extended abstract is now passed. We have not closed the possibility to submit papers, but we can no longer guarantee that your paper will be included in our proceedings. You will still receive a time slot for your presentation provided that you have registered as presenting author.

Click on this link to submit your full paper or extended abstract.

If you have been accepted for poster presentation there is still time. Deadline for poster submissions is 3 June. Instructions and a template for posters will be available here soon.

Abstract and Full Paper submission Guidelines

You are invited to submit abstracts in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Paper submissions will only be considered if they are submitted completely, i.e. together with all requested data and the abstract.
  • Authors are allowed to register more than one paper.
  • English is the conference language; hence the contributions should be submitted and presented in English. Translation into other languages will not be provided.
  • All abstracts have to be submitted online at by 1 September 2017.
  • Authors are required to classify their paper (technique/method/application or theoretical) and choose keywords.
  • Authors are requested to indicate their preferred submission type (extended abstract or full paper).
  • Authors will be informed about the acceptance of their contributions not later than 1 November 2017.
  • Authors whose paper is accepted are required to register via the online-form and pay the registration fee not later than 1 November 2017. The registration is binding and non-refundable. Contributions of authors, who have not paid the registration fee by 1 December 2017 will be cancelled.
  • The full paper or extended abstract submission (see below), formatted according to the template, must be submitted and received by ECNDT as an electronic file by 15 February 2018. The proceedings will be available at the conference.

Submission types

The 12th ECNDT introduces a paper submission system with two different alternatives:

  • Full paper, 6-8 pages, the default submission type for contributions with scientific qualities (reviewed)


  • Extended abstract, 2 pages, intended for more practical contributions (e.g., documentation of industrial experiences)

The intention is to attract a broader audience with contributions not only from the academia but also from the NDT community. All contributions (both full papers and extended abstracts) will be available to the participants in digital format.

Presentation types

    • Oral presentation

The author will be asked to submit a PowerPoint presentation by 3 June 2018. Each presentation will be given 20 minutes including discussion.

    • Poster presentation

The author will be asked to submit a PDF file format of the poster by 3 June 2018 and then bring a poster in A0 portrait format to the conference. Poster area will be open during the entire conference with special attention during a poster evening.

Conference Topics

The programme will be application focused and as a consequence we ask you to address application field as well as the method itself.
The main topics will be:

  • Additive Manufacturing and Semi-finished Products, Katy Milne, UK
  • NDE & NDT of Civil Infrastructure Systems and Materials, Nils Ryden, Swe
  • Cultural Heritage, Roman Gr. Maev, CA
  • Transportation, railway and automotive, Bob Crocker, UK
  • Aerospace, Arild Lindkjenn, Nor
  • Nuclear applications, Anders Brunn, Swe
  • Oil and Gas, Tor Fauske, Nor
  • Energy Generation, Milan Poznic, Swe
  • NDE of Composites, Barend van den Bos, Swe
  • Robotic and Automation, Anna Runnemalm, Swe
  • Structural Health Monitoring, Tadeusz Stepinski, Swe
  • Reliability and Statistics, Ulf Ronneteg, Swe
  • Qualification, certification, standards and training, Göran Emilsson, Swe
  • Materials Characterization (NDC), Thomas Grybäck, Swe
  • Guided Waves, Anders Boström, Swe
  • Laser Ultrasonics and EMAT,Mikael Malmström, Swe
  • Ultrasonic Phased Arrays, Peter Alzén, Swe
  • UT Microstructural Scattering, Håkan Wirdelius, Swe
  • Nonlinear Ultrasonics, Claes Hedberg, Swe
  • Eddy Current, Anders Rosell, Swe
  • Surface Methods (MPI & PT)Thomas Åström, Fin
  • Sensor Concepts, Christophe Mattei, Swe
  • Thermography and Thermosonics, Mattias Broddegård, Swe
  • Microwave, Terahertz, and Infrared NDE, Peter Ulriksen, Swe
  • X-ray, CT, and Radiographic Methods, Erik Lindgren, Swe
  • Modelling and Data Processing, Peter Hammersberg, Swe
  • Imaging, Johan Carlsson, Swe

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Second announcement and call for papers ECNDT 2018 (pdf)

Instructions for Authors (pdf)