Balteau NDT

BALTEAU NDT is specialized in the manufacturing of X-Ray generators, designed for the quality control of industrial products.

BALTEAU NDT claims its technology leadership and innovative philosophy by setting the direction for modern X-ray technologies. BALTEAU NDT has brought to the industry new standards that are safety-oriented to allow users to operate equipment with minimal risks and more efficiency. BALTEAU NDT always uses top grade materials to ensure the best quality and technology of the equipment.

Qualified engineers and a worldwide network dedicated to serve our customers are your assurance of always receiving a highly qualified and professional support. BALTEAU NDT provides the customer with an exceptional and unequalled long-term commitment of continuous service and support throughout the life cycle of the product.

Thousands of BALTEAU NDT X-ray generators are presently in use worldwide. No matter the application, the location or the environment, our generators are used extensively around the world by Service inspection companies or Production plants.

Our product range:

  • BALTOSPOT (Portable and Crawlers X-ray equipment – 160kV to 300kV)
  • BALTOGRAPH (Stationary X-ray equipment – 160kV-450kV)
  • BALTOMATIC (Standard and customized Real Time System)
  • BALTOSCOPE (Digital imaging & NDT software)

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