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Chemetall, the Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF’s Coatings division, is a leading supplier of applied surface treatments and services for metal, plastic and glass substrates in a wide range of industries and end markets. Chemetall’s Surface Treatment products are used for a variety of applications and serve the automotive, aerospace, construction, military, petrochemical, power, oil and gas industries.  As an integrated part of the business, we offer a full range of services, including process control and on-site support at customers’ facilities with local representation worldwide. Beyond local technical expertise, systems are designed to ensure that testing requirements are met and ultimate quality achieved.

Through the development and manufacturing of customized technology and systems solutions for applied surface treatment, Chemetall products protect metals from corrosion, facilitate forming and machining, allow parts to be optimally prepared for the painting process, and ensure proper coating adhesion. As a part of this value chain, Chemetall products include NDT consumables for penetrant and magnetic particle testing. These products are used in a wide range of industries and end-markets, such as automotive, aerospace, aluminum finishing, and metal forming.

Chemetall is your one-stop supplier for approved NDT products in all industry sectors. Trained NDT experts are globally available to answer questions at all levels regarding your process. Whenever you need to perform liquid penetrant or magnetic particle testing, we can offer optimum consumables and processes, combined with expert service and specialized NDT accessories including LED UV lamps and light meters.

Chemetall will showcase a full line of consumables and equipment for Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection:

  • XMOR PT and MT consumables: Britemor®, Checkmor®, Lumor® and Supramor® brands

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