CM Diagnostics

CM Diagnostics focuses on EMAT technology and coercimetry (non- destructive method on measurements of the magnetic characteristics of metal – coercive force) based on researches, original developments and over 30-years expertize experience of Ukrainian company Special Scientific Engineering.

CM Diagnostics offers complex solutions from expertize to customized industrial equipment and distributes manual gauges for non-destructive control such as:
Magnetic analyzer MA-05 for measurement of at least six parameters of hysteresis loop: coercivity, residual induction, magnetic conductivity, loop area and relaxation parameters;

Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04-H for evaluation of fatigue and residual life of metal including

  • High-pressure vessel, pipeline, spherical tank, storage tank, boiler;
  • Steam turbine rotor, impeller, blades, bolts;
  • Water power plant, steam power plant, onshore and offshore wind farm;
  • Nuclear reactors, pipelines and other facilities;
  • High-voltage transmission towers, recreation facilities, hoisting machinery;
  • Bridge, marine platform, railroad rails, train wheels;
  • Oil and gas industry including coiled tubing;
  • Residual stresses and fatigue of the new and repaired welded joints;
  • Efficiency of heat treatment in welding and mechanical engineering and various metal hardening in mechanical engineering and metal-working industry
  • Evaluation of fatigue state of equipment from austenitic stainless steels;

EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-04 EMA (Delta) for thickness measurements through air gap or paint & protective coating up to 3 mm, without couplant, which enables reduction of time and cost by a several fold factors that is especially important for measurement in restricted zones such us nonoccupied area of nuclear power plant. The newest model of sensor with a possibility of constant measurement of surfaces over 500 °C developed together with company Delta Test GmbH (Germany) is also represented.

CM Diagnostics


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