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Since 1947 Dantec Dynamics has been a manufacturer of optical measurement systems for material testing. Leading companies within the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Marine, and Wind sectors have been relying on Dantec’s Shearography systems for decades to address their most challenging Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications.

The new FlawExplorer Laser Shearography product family, from Dantec, is a non-contact, optical NDT measurement solution used for quality control and material inspection of advanced (non-homogenous) materials. Shearography is an NDT measuring and testing method, tailored specifically for integrated quality control processes and used in composite related industries.

The FlawExplorer actively supports the entire product life cycle from R&D, Manufacturing, and Assembly to End-test; has the ability to quickly scan and evaluate large areas up to 2m²; and, integrates seamlessly with robotic inspection systems typically used in advanced manufacturing settings. This state of the art design can easily be implemented in the field or a production environment and is compliant with NAS 410 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Certified training can be provided at one of Dantec Dynamic’s global facilities or at the customer’s site.

The FlawExplorer sets a new benchmark in terms of portability, sensitivity and ease-of-use; making it the perfect solution for in-field applications. 

Applicable materials include, but are not limited to: composite honeycomb, rubber, composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV), ceramics, glass-fiber laminates, metal honeycombs, carbon-fiber (CFRP) laminates, fiber-metal laminates, bi-metals, foam-cores, cork, leather and metal-metal bonds. Depending on the material strength and depth of defects within a test object, Laser Shearography can detect most defects and discontinuities that occur in composite structures, including: disbonds, delaminations, cracked cores, crushed cores, kissing bonds, wrinkling, fluid ingresses, porosity, cracks, repair defects and impact damage (BVID’s). Additional structural information such as ply drops, bulkheads, overlaps, splices, stringers and ribs, may also be detected.

Dantec Dynamic’s systems are used globally by the military, industry and academia and offer the best in class sensitivity – lower false calls and higher probability of detection (POD) rates with the most flexibility, along with full-field imaging and real-time results.

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Dantec Dynamics Gmbh