Direct Conversion

Direct Conversion are a technology leader in digital X-ray detection. We are the largest manufacturer of Cadmium Telluride sensors in the world, and providers of detectors for imaging systems that are used across the globe by leading organisations for a wide range of X-ray imaging applications. Our innovative Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) direct converting technology achieves extraordinary sharpness and high efficiency through the ability to collect almost every photon. By implementing charge integration, photon counting, and direct conversion technologies, our product range includes detectors with imaging speeds of 2m/s at 100 micron resolution, ultra-high energy imaging capability (MeV), market leading MTF and DQE, modular options for long length detectors, and on board TDI (TDS). With our team of world class scientists and engineers we understand digital X-ray imaging technology, and provide solutions for Medical, Dental and Industrial applications. Our well-established brands of Ajat and XCounter empower our customers to better analysis and faster, more accurate decision making. Direct Conversion. Empowered X-ray Imaging.

Direct Conversion

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