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Eddyfi Technologies is a label designed to maximize the potential of multiple advanced and niche NDT inspection technology brands. With its four centers of excellence in Québec (Canada), Swansea (UK) and Milton Keynes (UK), Eddyfi Technologies focuses on offering high-performance NDT solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets through four strong, complementary brands: Eddyfi, Silverwing, TSC and Teletest.

Eddyfi focuses on offering high-end and advanced eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets. We develop the industry’s best performing and most reliable test instruments, acquisition and analysis software, as well as standard and—more importantly—specialized surface array and tubing probes.

Silverwing focuses on providing high-end inspection solutions for the inspection of tanks, pipes, vessels and other critical assets within the oil, gas and petro-chemical industries. We develop world leading magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic solutions coupled with advanced analysis and reporting software supporting effective and safe operation.

TSC focuses on developing ACFM® electromagnetic inspection solutions. We developed the field-proven ACFM® technology with support from BP, BG Group, Conoco, and Shell, who were keen to significantly improve the reliability of underwater inspections, reduce operator dependence, and provide auditable inspection records. ACFM® technology is accepted as one of the most reliable methods of detecting surface-breaking cracks in steel structures and metallic components.

Teletest focuses on developing long-range guided wave ultrasonic testing for detecting corrosion in pipelines. Teletest was the first commercially available system to utilise guided wave, TWI developed the technology in response to requests from industrial members in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. These companies required a non-destructive testing (NDT) method capable of detecting corrosion in pipes and pipelines at areas inaccessible for inspection by conventional NDT methods, ie. insulated and sleeved pipework, or pipelines running under roads or elevated on pipe racks. The original Teletest equipment has been replaced by a system with greatly enhanced capability and the flaw detector is sold under the Teletest Focus + trademark.

The company has more than 235 employees, nine offices around the globe all staffed with NDT experts, and serves customers in more than 70 countries in such major industries as nuclear, power generation, subsea, oil & gas, and aerospace.

EddyFi Technologies

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