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GE’s 120-year-old Inspection Technologies’ business is the world’s largest provider of non-destructive testing solutions including radiography, computed tomography (CT), remote visual inspection, ultrasound, and electromagnetic testing products. Innovative data collection technology and software solutions enable remote collaboration and sharing of inspection data with colleagues and customers around the world.

The business is headquartered in Germany and has over 1500 employees globally offering deep expertise and engineering know-how backed by a strong heritage built on trusted global brands like Seifert, Krautkramer and Phoenix. Its established technology leadership and expertise spans across the Aviation, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Automotive and Electronics industries.

Today, Inspection Technologies is part of Baker Hughes, a GE company, and continues its legacy of technology innovation and delivering better solutions for customers.

Some of the world’s biggest industrial manufacturers rely on Inspection Technologies’ offerings to scrutinize their products to ensure their integrity before they go to market.

Inspection Technologies offers portable ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and remote visual inspection equipment, transducers, and software for industrial applications. The Mentor platform with InspectionWorks Connect provides real-time access to inspections from anywhere, to anywhere in the world. Expertise delivered where it’s needed, when it’s needed enabling smarter decisions, faster to keep assets running and to maximize efficiency.

From film to digital, CR-DR, and X-ray generators to integrated test machines, including 3D computed tomography, GE’s Inspection Technologies offers a range of industrial radiographic equipment and techniques. GE advancements in the use of CT technology on the production floor and with advanced manufacturing (3D and composites) is becoming invaluable to inspectors.

Complete turnkey ultrasonic inspection systems support both on-line and off-line applications in the manufacturing process as well as mobile systems for field applications. These testing machines are designed to provide the fastest inspection times for maximum through-put.

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