Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) sets the standard for guided wave testing (GWT) and monitoring around the World. We provide advanced technology for long‑range screening and short‑range scanning, allowing our clients to assess pipes, rails, and other structures from a single remote and easily accessible location, without taking them out of service.

Our newest instrument is the QSR1®, which is the first quantitative short‑range guided wave scanning system. This system is designed to measure wall loss caused by corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS) of depths up to half of the pipe wall thickness. In a fraction of a second the QSR1® automatically measures the pipe diameter and average wall thickness around the circumference of the scanned location.

Our latest developments in guided wave screening include the lightweight low‑profile Compact® rings, accompanied by the practical multiple‑spacing EC-Trio modules, and the Wavemaker G4mini. Our gPIMS® equipment remains the leading‑edge technology in guided wave monitoring, giving our clients a cost efficient option to continuously evaluate their pipelines.

All users of our equipment are certified following GUL’s globally respected training and qualification scheme. This scheme is methodically administered and tightly regulated to ensure GUL qualified inspectors will be able to provide high‑quality accurate results.

Our services also include consultancy and onsite support, which aim to assist our clients in making guided wave testing an efficient solution for their inspection projects. For more information visit

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