From Proof of Concept to full scale production, i2S (Innovative Imaging Solutions Technologies) develops, manufactures and support Vision & Imaging Systems and Components for various industries.
We provide full solutions including hardware (camera, lighting, optical lenses, cabinet…), image acquisition and processing software and calibration services.
With over 39 years of imaging experience, we always welcome the opportunity to develop innovative new imaging applications with industry partners.

At ECNDT, i2S is presenting its TeraHertz Imaging System for Non-Destructive Testing, TIS-NdT

This TIS-Ndt system is based on TZCam camera from i2S, the TeraHertz array camera with unrivalled sensitivity.

This TeraHertz innovative imaging technology from i2S opens a new area for non-destructive testing of advanced materials used in various industries, for industrial quality control.

About TeraHertz imaging for Non-Destructive Testing:

TeraHertz non-hazardous imaging technology reveals invisible defects inside the matter.

Non-contact Terahertz penetrating imaging systems can detect manufacturing defects or imperfections inside parts during production, in real time, seeing through the matter.

TeraHertz imaging technology is ideal for industries needing to inspect materials such as plastic, ceramic, composites and polymers, wood, cardboard and paper, textile and fibers, leather…

THz imaging can be used for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to inspect internal structure of materials in order to detect defaults, inclusions, contaminations, humidity…

Located between infrared and microwaves – 300 GHz to 10 THz -, THz electromagnetic waves are non-ionizing waves (i.e. safe, non-hazardous for people).

In addition, thanks to high propagation of THz waves through the air, THz imaging technology is ideal for contactless inspection.

TeraHertz inspection of parts on a production line in real time is now effective with the use of high sensitivity TeraHertz real time camera.



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