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Founded in 1983, IMG ULTRASUONI began as a manufacturer of high-quality ultrasonic probes and transducers for both industrial and medical application. Effi ciency and high quality of the product and service offered, combined with extensive fi eld experience, have been key factors to our success. IMG ULTRASUONI has attained an internationally recognised
high level of specialisation in the fi eld of Non-Destructive Testing with ultrasounds, becoming a reliable partner and point of reference for companies operating in the NDT sector.

IMG ULTRASUONI operates completely autonomously on the market, by supplying comprehensive and effective cutting-edge solutions, that range from the design to the manufacturing, testing and subsequent services of ultrasonic probes and transducers as well as special systems for non destructive inspection. The company employs appropriately skilled personnel with many years‘ experience in this fi eld to ensure the provision of its products and assistance service in a safe and effi cient manner.

Our product range includes:
• Complete automated solutions for non-destructive testing
• Ultrasound instruments for non-destructive material testing
• Ultrasonic probes and transducers
• Calibration blocks, Probe wedges, Cables

Our goal is to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty by consistently providing products and services that meet requirements of the client, the true of the company.

Our aims and objectives are reached through the following working method:
• reliability in terms of timeliness, punctuality in delivery and fl exibility
• quality of the applied materials
• quality of the product and service offered
• correctness and clarity in commercial dealing
• post-sales assistance

Our methodology of work is based, fi rstly, on the knowledge of the client‘s objectives and then on the continuous support of our trained staff, before and after sales.

IMG ultrasuoni SRL


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