InnoTecUK is a dynamic Robotics & Automation company specialising in developing innovative and effective solutions from concept to execution. Our robotic systems are developed to overcome complex industrial challenges across several industries such as Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Offshore, Aerospace, Rail, among others.

We also offer expertise in state of the art and advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), working in close collaboration with leading industry and research organisations. Additional expertise includes data collection, software processing, hardware development, system development, system integration and theoretical modelling.

Capabilities of our NDT Inspection Solutions

Our inspection solutions are based on non-destructive testing (NDT) integrated with wall climbing robotic platforms. Whether your application requires inspection of metallic or non-metallic surfaces we have the solution. We provide modular solutions so that the operator can choose from multiple NDE capabilities to meet their inspection requirements.

We provide a total service, equipment and fully trained staff; qualified to Level-II in the NDE method (s) deployed. You also have the option to hire our devices.

We believe remotely deployed robotic NDT is the only truly accurate and repeatable method for in-accessible areas and applications where rope-access based inspections are impractical / have safety concerns.

Our NDT Platforms

HUNTER – Advanced Magnetic Adhesion Inspection Crawler.






ICM Rover – Advanced Vacuum Adhesion Inspection Crawler.


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