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Ionix offers the potential for industrial clients to develop simple, cost-effective continuous monitoring and inspection solutions for applications in extreme environments. Based on our award-winning piezoceramic technology, we have developed a suite of high temperature capable ultrasonic devices under the brand of HotSenseTM for applications across a range of industries.

Our ultrasonic transducers are designed to operate continuously in extreme environments and can be used for online monitoring using permanently installed sensors, even in explosive atmospheres. Powered by the Ionix novel and proprietary piezoelectric technology, HotSense™ transducers offer reliable and stable ultrasonic measurements at temperatures from ‑40°C (-40°F) up to +380°C (716°F) and in the presence of ionizing radiation.

HotSenseTM enables a simple and cost-effective entry to online monitoring and can be combined with industry standard instrumentation to provide a complete system that minimises risk, maximises safety and delivers cost effective maintenance and repair programs. HotSenseTM can be attached direct-to-pipe under insulation without the need for cooling and can be adapted across a range of applications covering thickness monitoring, crack monitoring, level sensing and flow monitoring.

HotSenseTM transducers are offered with a range of compatibility options and deployment methods, and are designed to meet intrinsic safety requirements. The probes have outstanding stability over their entire temperature range, and offer a simple internal temperature calibration method to provide high accuracy absolute measurement.

Our probes and deployment systems are available now – enhance your measurement and monitoring capabilities with HotSenseTM. Please contact Ionix for more information: or visit

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