MATRIX U/E Technologies Ltd

MATRIX U/E TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a “one stop NDT solution” provider for domestic customers, as well as the cooperator of ON INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, responsible for the overseas promotion and sales of its products.

Since 2018, the product list of MATRIX U/E TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED has been expanded to cover linear X-ray accelerators and customized eddy current probes, as well as eddy current array probes to meet the customers’ different needs.

ON INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is headquartered in Beijing, and established its inspection application center in shanghai and training center in North America, is dedicated to the development and promotion of ultrasonic imaging to give us a visible, safe world.  ON INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is expertise in design, manufacture and integrate ultrasonic systems and scanners for more than 20 years. The main focus is modular multi-axis immersion ultrasonic systems for 2D, 2.5D and 3D pieces inspection. Due to high performance and stability, its products have been applied to many fields such as Nuclear Power, Aerospace, Metallurgy, Pressure vessel, Railway and so on.

MATRIX U/E Technologies Ltd





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