Novosound Ltd.

Novosound address the limitations of traditional ultrasound manufacture with a remarkable printed sensor.

Suitable for Continuous Monitoring our truly flexible low profile probes are a fit & forget solution for all types of infrastructure monitoring including pipelines, well heads, turbines and difficult to access areas for NDT. We can provide total asset coverage with highly scaleable multi-sensor systems

In addition to being flexible our sensors operate in extremely high operating temperatures, in excess of 250 °C

Our product range includes :

Flexible array sensors operating consistently at high temperature for continuous monitoring and analytics in harsh environments
● 7 – 150 MHZ Frequency

High Resolution uFocus Probes operating at high frequencyhighly focussed customisable probes
● 7 – 150 MHZ Frequency

novosounds probes offer a number of key benefits, including:

  • cost effective mass manufacture
  • high flexibility and low profile
  • fit and forget functionality
  • high temperature operation
  • existing systems compatibility
  • low power consumption
  • Quick turnaround for customised probes
  • Wireless or wired

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Novosound Ltd.

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Gillian Fleming