Peak NDT Limited

Peak NDT is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of high performance conventional and phased-array ultrasonic instrumentation used in advanced engineering sectors.

For over 35 years MicroPulse technology has been used at the forefront of NDT ultrasonic technique development from high performance multi-channel conventional technology, to Phased Array (PAUT) and now Full Matrix Capture (FMC).

Peak NDT’s Conventional channel systems are available from 2 to 64 channel variants and the phased array systems vary from 16/16 +16TX to 128/128 +128Tx as standard units and are easily scalable up to 512/512 + 512Tx and beyond with MP Link. All our phased array channels may be used for beam forming and any combination of channels may be used in Tx and Rx. Additionally, in FMC operation all the programmed receive channels are received simultaneously with no need to multiplex. With Gigabit Ethernet as standard across our phased array products, continuous high data transfer rates up to 120 MB/s are possible from each instrument.

Peak NDT’s long standing open and transparent data format provides you the freedom to develop your own fully customisable software platform. Direct communication to the instrument is via a standard windows type socket which allows full control of the instrument by many third-party software options including Labview, Matlab or any development suite that uses a windows based TCIP type socket, negating the need for clumsy or complicated API or SDK. Software platforms such as UTEX Scientifics Inspectionware and TWI’s Crystal FMC software have been optimized for operation with the MicroPulse instruments providing off-the-shelf flexible solutions.

Visit the stand at D07:14 to see the latest MicroPulse technology including the LTPA, the MicroPulse MPLT and the MicroPulse LT2 or visit

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