Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited designs and manufactures nondestructive testing (NDT) scanners and transducers covering the full range of ultrasonic techniques. Specialists in custom-design and application-specific solutions; Phoenix develops fully customized systems for the most challenging NDT inspections.

Visit us on booth D04:02 for live demonstrations of our solutions: Automated NozzleScan – an innovative motorized scanner for nozzle weld inspections. The low-profile NozzleScan is also available as a manual scanner with two and three axis configurations; Drive – A 1-4 axis ‘all-in-one’ scanner controller, using linear amplifiers, to produce 150W of motor power across all axes; MagMan – a robust magnetic wheeled manual scanner, holding up to 12 probes for the inspection of pipe welds from 2” OD circumferential and 9” OD longitudinal, up to flat; Swift – A lightweight magnetic wheeled scanner for controlled and accurate TOFD inspection; MultiMag – A highly versatile scanner with an angular adjustable frame for multiple inspection configurations on pipe welds from 3” up to flat; Bracelet – A low-profile, phased array, weld inspection scanner for small bore pipes  (available in single and dual-sided configurations); Tracer – A versatile, portable freehand X-Y mapping system (up to 2m x 2m scan area) without the constraints of a scanning frame.

Phoenix ISL solutions are used by some of the world’s leading companies, to ensure safety standards and improve quality and efficiency, to find out more visit: or email:

Phoenix holds Quality Management Systems Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd