RTUTec was founded for the purpose of identifying innovative technologies. We are focused on finding and cooperating with technological companies that have great, innovative products with a technological twist. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions for the testing and detection markets

We pride ourselves on thinking “out of the box” and finding solutions for NDT (non destructive testing), Security and Clinical applications and bringing mature solutions to the market, quickly and efficiently.

Ron Pincu founded RTUTec in 2014. Ron brings with him more than 30 years of NDT experience. He was a member of the founding team of the first NDT lab in the Israeli air force. He holds NDT certifications, has a first degree in Engineering and an MBA from Hartford University in England. Over the years, Ron has specialized in finding original solutions for testing requirements and has been instrumental in developing the first portable X-ray system for field applications. In 2015 RTUTec was reinforced by Eli Dayan’s addition to the team. Eli began his career as an NDT instructor in the Air force and brings with him over 15 years of NDT experience, a big portion of it in the field of Portable Digital Radiography. Eli holds a BA & a practical Engineer degrees and is certified Level II in the main inspection techniques.

RTUTec is currently offering a variety of products in different technologies among them are portable Digital Radiography systems, mobile cabinet X-ray equipment, specialized Survey meters for pulsed X-ray, Thermographic based devices (Active Thermography and Thermographic cameras for Smart Phones). RTUTec has recently launched an innovative device based on APR (Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry) which is an inspection system for ultra-fast and reliable inner diameter tube inspections, mostly for Boilers & Heat exchangers.



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