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UT rotary systems from Slickers Technology GmbH & Co. KG

At Slickers our focus is as precise as our systems, we do one thing and do it well, build end to end UT rotary systems.  Our rotary UT systems yield the world’s fastest material throughput, detecting defects to the world’s toughest specifications, frankly we do the jobs nobody else can do or wants to pursue. We are at the heart of the majority of the world’s nuclear fuel rod testing and have been qualified Nadcap for Avionics production for companies such as Pratt Whitney, Boeing, Airbus and SpaceX just drop a few names.  We make systems ranging from 6mm to 450mm OD capability testing but our specialty is making the fastest tube handling, driving and test mechanics and matching UT instruments for precision applications below 90mm OD.  Come by our booth C05:31 to discuss how you can get more test capacity without increasing headcount or enter new markets and see our flagship 6mm-24mm Rotary UT tester in operation.

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