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Stresstech is headquartered in Finland and has offices in Germany, the United States, and India, as well as sales and service representatives around the world. For more than 30 years, Stresstech has been providing non-destructive and destructive testing solutions for process control and quality inspection. The inspection equipment and turn-key solutions serve the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries as well as universities and research institutes.

Stresstech’s measurement testing solutions include Barkhausen noise analysis, X-ray diffraction, and ESPI hole drilling (electronic speckle pattern interferometry)

Barkhausen noise analysis is a non-destructive testing method involving the measurement of a noise like signal induced in a ferromagnetic material by an applied magnetic field. Ideal for detection of grinding burn damage and heat treatment defects, customers can test optimize their manufacturing process and deliver the highest quality components.

Stresstech’s line of diffractometers are designed for residual stress and retained austenite measurements. This non-destructive technology can provide customers with reliable, unmatched data for quality control assessment. The Xstress product line of diffractometers is suitable for use in the field, factory, and laboratory settings.

Prism is an advanced hole drilling system for residual stress measurement. Prism utilizes electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) to determine surface displacements and calculate stresses. Hole drilling is the most commonly used stress relaxation technique for measuring residual stresses.

Stresstech also offers measurement services in ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories, or on-site for customer convenience. Measurement services are ideal for: fast and accurate residual stress determination of your components, required data validation, and supporting your current laboratory. Comprehensive data is delivered in an easy to understand report.

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