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SKB, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company, is tasked with managing Swedish nuclear and radioactive waste in a safe way.

Nuclear power companies in Sweden jointly established the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) in the 1970s. SKB’s assignment is to manage and dispose of all radioactive waste from the Swedish nuclear power plants as well as from the health care, industry and research in a way that maximum safety for human beings and the environment are secured. The assignment, especially considering taking care of the spent nuclear fuel, is so extensive that it is considered as one of Sweden’s biggest environmental-protection projects.

System of facilities

SKB is responsible for a system of facilities used to handle all waste from the Swedish nuclear power plants. These facilities include a central interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel (Clab) near Oskarshamn, a final repository for short-lived radioactive waste (SFR) in Forsmark and the special-designed vessel M/S Sigrid used for sea transports.

Decades of research

An important issue for present and future generations is the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. SKB has been conducting advanced research for thirty years with a focus on the final disposal of all spent nuclear fuel. The research includes full-scale experiments at the Canister Laboratory and at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. The main outcome of the research is the KBS-3 Method, developed for final disposal of the spent nuclear fuel in the bedrock.

Siting process

A siting process was initiated some 20 years ago in order to locate a potential repository for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Subsequent analyses and site investigations resulted in the selection of Forsmark in Östhammar municipality in 2009. In March 2011 the applications were submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and to the Land and Environment Court to build the Spent Fuel Repository in Forsmark.


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