Vidisco Ltd. is a global leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art, portable, X-ray inspection solutions. For almost thirty years Vidisco has been revolutionizing the X-ray industry, being the first company to offer a PC-based, digital X-ray system packed in a single rugged case.

Today, Vidisco’s portable inspection X-ray systems are sold in over 75 countries and deployed in every kind of terrain and weather conditions.

In the NDT field, Vidisco’s X-ray solutions are smart, compact, and lightweight, offering rugged cases, wired/wireless connections,  laptops and tablets, and intuitive touch software with only three operating screens. Vidisco’s new generation systems are used for NDT applications such as aerospace, oil and gas, pipes, weld quality, automotive,  electricity and power generation, arts and museums, shipyards, laboratories and universities (R&D).


Bolt 6K – High resolution system 50 µm

■ Imaging area – 145×114 mm
■ Pixel size – 50 µm
■ Penetration – 75 mm of steel
■ Weight– 1.8 kg
■ Dynamic range – 14 bits

Class B nSNR.

Real time capabilities, split adapter with no need for ICU, light deployment.

Alpha Pro– Large imager system with high quality results

■ Imaging area – 426 x 353 mm
■ Pixel size – 148 µm
■ Penetration – 80 mm of steel
■ Weight – 3 kg
■ Dynamic range – 16 bits

Alpha Pro is a thin (15.6 mm) cost-effective smart panel featuring a Wi-Fi module. The Alpha Pro saves setup time and costs.

SparX Pro– Large imager system at an affordable price

■ Imaging area – 325 x 260 mm
■ Pixel size – 127 µm
■ Penetration – 80 mm of steel
■ Weight – 3.3 kg
■ Dynamic range – 16 bits

SparX Pro is a high quality system with minimal dead space (just 8mm from bottom and right borders), wireless capabilities, and compatibility with the new rugged tablet.

VEO A Smart and Innovative Control & Display Software

The innovative VEO software is a simple and intuitive control and image processing software, allowing results in seconds. The VEO offers a variety of image enhancement tools in only three operation screens.

Compact Casing

Vidisco has a large variety of rugged case and backpacks to suit the operator’s needs in all types of configurations







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