Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

ZHONGKE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (abbreviated as ZHONGKE) is a professional manufacturer of NDT equipment with independent intellectual property rights. ZHONGKE is a scientific and technological enterprise held by Chinese Academy of Sciences. ZHONGKE has been working on R&D of Ultrasonic technology for over 30 years from 1988.

ZHONGKE has different series of NDT products, such as Phased Array Detector, TOFD Detector, Conventional Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, EMAT Detector and Online Automatic Inspection Systems for Pipe, Tube, Plate, Bars, Vessel, Automobile Parts and etc.

ZHONGKE has been committed to providing the market users with various kinds of all-round, efficient, steady, reliable, safe and environment-friendly nondestructive testing solutions and products, and providing special market users with customized personalized services to help the industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, aerospace, railway, military industry, ship, automobile and new materials to continuously improve technology process, enhance product quality and continue to increase enterprise benefits.

ZHONGKE continues to move towards the ideal. The new Ultrasonic Inspection Technology Industrial Park which is invested in and built by the company has been officially put into use. The Park establishes modernized research & development bases and test equipment such as acoustical experiment center, electronic technology experiment center, mechanical design center, Inspection instrument research & development center, mechanical processing center, assembly debugging center and quality Inspection center, etc. The use of Ultrasonic Inspection Technology Industrial Park will certainly lay a solid foundation for ZHONGKE to improve technical innovation capacity, optimize product quality and continue to lead the technology of Chinese ultrasonic nondestructive testing technology.

Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.





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