The program of the ECNDT-2018 is presented. See Technical Program for info.

• Additive Manufacturing and Semi-finished Products
• NDE & NDT of Civil Infrastructure Systems and Materials
• Cultural Heritage
• Transportation, Railway and Automotive
• Aerospace
• Nuclear Applications
• Oil and Gas
• Energy Generation
• NDE of Composites
• Robotic and Automation
• Structural Health Monitoring
Reliability and Statistics
• Qualification, Certification, Standards and Training
• Materials Characterization (NDC)
• Guided Waves
• Surface Methods (MPI & PT)
• Laser Ultrasonics and EMAT
• Ultrasonic Phased Arrays
• UT Microstructural Scattering
• Nonlinear Ultrasonics
• Eddy Current
• Sensor Concepts
• Thermography and Thermosonics
• Microwave, Terahertz, and Infrared NDE
• X-ray, CT, and Radiographic Methods
• Modelling and Data Processing
• Imaging

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